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Xi Jinping: Speech at the conference celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Hainan Special Economic Zone

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Speech at the conference celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Hainan Special Economic Zone
(13 April 2018)

Xi Jinping

  Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades,
  This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, and the 30th anniversary of Hainan's establishment of a provincial special economic zone。今天,We have a grand gathering here,Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Hainan's establishment as a special economic zone,It is necessary to fully recognize the historical achievements of the construction of special economic zones,Summarize the valuable experience in the construction of special economic zones,We will fully implement the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,At a new starting point in the new era, we will continue to advance comprehensively deepening reform,It will provide a strong impetus for achieving the "two centenary goals" and realizing the Chinese Dream of great national renewal。
  The establishment of special economic zones is a major decision made by our Party and state to promote reform and opening up and socialist modernization。In December 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee made the historic decision to shift the focus of Party and state work to economic development and carry out reform and opening up, mobilizing the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in China to embark on a new long march for socialist modernization。This is a great turning point of far-reaching significance in the history of our Party and country since the founding of New China。In order to promote reform, opening up and socialist modernization, the CPC Central Committee decided to set up four special economic zones in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and Xiamen, with special policies and flexible measures, so as to serve as an important window and model for the country's reform, opening up and socialist modernization。
  1984年,邓小平同志在视察深圳、珠海、厦门经济特区后提出:“我们还要开发海南岛,如果能把海南岛的经济迅速发展起来,那就是很大的胜利。”1987年,邓小平同志会见外宾时说:“我们正在搞一个更大的特区,这就是海南岛经济特区。Hainan Island is about the same size as Taiwan ", "Hainan Island has developed well, it is very remarkable"。According to the decision of the Party Central Committee, in April 1988, the first session of the seventh National People's Congress formally approved the establishment of Hainan Province and designated Hainan Island as a special economic zone。Since then, Hainan, a beautiful island of the motherland, has obtained unprecedented opportunities for development and entered a new historical stage of deepening reform and expanding opening-up。
  Over the past 30 years, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the strong support of the whole country, the Hainan Special Economic Zone has persisted in reform, bravely broken through the constraints of the traditional economic system, and made remarkable achievements in economic and social development。In 1987, Hainan's GDP was only 57 percent.2.8 billion yuan, local government revenue is less than 300 million yuan。By 2017, Hainan's GDP had reached 4,462.500 million yuan, with a per capita regional GDP of 7,179 U.S. dollars, and local general public budget revenue of 67.4 billion yuan. The regional GDP, per capita GDP, and local fiscal revenue respectively increased by 21 percent.8倍、14.3倍、226.Modern service industries, tropical agriculture, and new industries have grown rapidly, and infrastructure such as transportation, electricity, water conservancy, and communications have become increasingly complete。Major breakthroughs were made in reform and opening up, leading the country in the reform of the land reclamation system, the integration of multiple regulations, the reform of the administrative system under which cities and counties are directly administered by provinces, and the opening up of air traffic rights。International exchanges and cooperation have expanded unprecedentedly, and the 18th Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference was successfully held。China has taken the lead in building an ecological province, and the quality of its air and water remains at a leading level。People's living standards have improved markedly, social programs such as education, health and culture have accelerated, and profound changes have taken place in urban and rural areas。After 30 years of unremitting efforts, Hainan has developed from a border island into an important window of China's reform and opening up。
  Hainan Special Economic Zone is a vivid epitome of China's special economic zone, and the achievement of Hainan Special Economic Zone is a vivid epitome of the historic change and achievement of China since the reform and opening up。
  40年来,The five special economic zones in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen and Hainan have fulfilled their mission,In the great historical process of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, it has written a magnificent chapter of bravely standing ahead of the tide and forging ahead,It has played the role of "experimental field" in the system reform,It has played an important "window" role in opening up to the outside world,It has made significant contributions to the country's reform and opening up and socialist modernization。
  The achievements of the reform and development of the special economic zones are the result of the strong leadership and careful guidance of the Party Central Committee, the pioneering efforts and valiant efforts of the builders, and the support and extensive participation of the Chinese people and people from all over the country。Take this opportunity,I represent the Party Central Committee, The State Council and the Central Military Commission,To more than 9 million Hainan people,To the vast number of builders of special economic zones,To all comrades who have contributed to the construction of special economic zones,Warm congratulations and sincere greetings!To all guests,To people from all walks of life at home and abroad who care about and support the construction of special economic zones,Express my heartfelt thanks!
  Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades,
  Successful practice of Hainan and other special economic zones,It has fully proved that the Party's basic theory, basic line and basic strategy formed since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party are completely correct,The path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the only way to realize socialist modernization and create a better life for the people.Fully proved that no matter what to change, to what step,We must uphold the leadership of the Party,To ensure that the Party sets the direction, pursues the overall situation, and formulates policies,To ensure that the Party always has overall control and coordinates all parties;It has fully proved that reform and opening up is a key choice that determines the destiny of contemporary China,It is the source of vitality for contemporary China's development and progress,It is an important magic weapon for the Party and the people to catch up with The Times in great strides,It is the only way to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.It fully proves that the strategic decision of the Party Central Committee on the establishment of special economic zones is completely correct,We are on our way to a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieving the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era,The special economic zones should not only continue,And we need to do it better and better.It fully proves that the people are the main body of reform,We must do everything for the people and rely on them,We will give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the broad masses of the people,Let the broad masses of the people become a powerful force in promoting reform and opening up。
  Thanks to long-term efforts, especially unremitting efforts over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era。The 19th CPC National Congress drew up a grand blueprint for decisively completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieving the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, and further pointed out the direction for the cause of the Party and the country。To achieve our strategic goals, we must unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and unswervingly follow the correct path of reform and opening up, the path of strengthening China and enriching the people。
  The new situation, new tasks and new challenges have given the special economic zones a new historical mission. The special economic zones should remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind, seek a new orientation and grasp a new strategic positioning in the great struggle, great project, great cause and great dream。
  - Special economic zones should become important Windows for reform and opening up。The special economic zones are the earliest areas open to the outside world, the most active areas of foreign economic exchanges, and the most representative of the image of reform and opening up。Special economic zones should continue to play an important role as Windows for reform and opening up, pursue development with their doors open, place equal emphasis on bringing in and going global, expand two-way trade and investment with other countries, and build an open world economy。We should significantly widen market access, open the service sector, especially the financial sector, wider to the outside world, and create a more attractive investment environment。We need to strengthen international people-to-people exchanges and promote people-to-people and cultural integration。
  -- The special economic zones should serve as test beds for reform and opening up。The establishment of special economic zones is an important methodology of China's reform and opening up, and an effective way to promote reform and opening up through practice。It is an important responsibility of the special economic zones to explore the path and form of reform and opening up and pave the way for reform and opening up across the country。Only dare to walk the road that others have not walked, can harvest a different kind of scenery。Special economic zones should have the courage to shoulder their historical responsibilities,Adapt to new changes in domestic and international situations,In accordance with the new requirements of national development,Meet the new expectations of the people,Carry forward the special zone spirit of daring to try, daring to be the first, and working hard,It has always stood at the forefront of reform and opening up,We will take the lead and boldly explore institutional reforms in all areas,To provide more experience that can be replicated and promoted throughout the country。
  -- Special economic zones should be pioneers in reform and opening up。The successful practice of the special economic zones has provided rich materials and fresh experience for the formation and development of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics。Under the new circumstances, there are still many major issues to be explored and practiced in upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, and many new areas to be explored and innovated。At present, the reform has entered a "no man's land" in many areas. Special economic zones should persist in crossing the river by feeling the stones, cutting roads in the mountains, building Bridges in the water, seeking true knowledge in practice, finding rules in exploration, and constantly forming new experience, deepening new understanding, and contributing new solutions。
  -- The special economic zones should become practitioners of reform and opening up。Empty talk harms the state, while hard work revitalizes the state。Only true grasp can overcome difficulties, only hard work can dream come true。The special economic zones should be firm in their faith and their determination to be the spearhead,Maintain the sense of pressure to climb uphill, the sense of mission to forge ahead, and the sense of responsibility to do business,Actively foster an environment that values doing,Pragmatic change, pragmatic innovation and pragmatic progress,Stand up for doers,Cheer for the doers,With a high spirit, we will continue to promote reform and opening-up。
  Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades,
  Hainan is the largest special economic zone in China, with a unique geographical location, the best ecological environment in the country, but also a relatively independent geographical unit, with the unique advantages of becoming a national reform and opening up experimental field。Hainan has a special position and an important role in the overall situation of China's reform and opening up and socialist modernization。
  At 30, ready to go。Since the Party Central Committee decided to establish the Hainan Special Economic Zone, it has been determined to develop Hainan Island well。If Hainan Island is better developed, socialism with Chinese characteristics will be more convincing and people's confidence in it will be enhanced。
  In the new era, Hainan should hold high the banner of reform and opening up, innovate ideas, gather strength, highlight characteristics, and create new advantages, and strive to become a new benchmark for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up in the new era, and form a new pattern of higher-level reform and opening up。This is the best way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hainan's establishment as a special economic zone and a major measure to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up。
  The CPC Central Committee has high hopes for Hainan's reform and opening up, and recently formulated the Guiding Opinions on Supporting Hainan's Comprehensive Deepening of reform and opening up, giving Hainan's Special economic Zone new major responsibilities and missions for reform and opening up, and injecting strong impetus to Hainan's deepening reform and opening up。This is a major new historical opportunity for Hainan's development。
  The broad masses of cadres and people in Hainan should seize the opportunity and make persistent efforts,We will fully implement the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress,Guided by the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,Adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability,Enhance the "Four consciousnesses",Strengthen the "four self-confidence",Adhere to a new vision for development,We will make coordinated efforts to advance the overall plan of the "five-in-One" initiative and the "four-pronged comprehensive" strategy,We will focus on supply-side structural reform,We will build pilot free trade zones and free trade ports with Chinese characteristics,Give play to one's own advantages,Bold exploration and innovation,Efforts will be made to build a pilot zone for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, a national ecological civilization pilot zone, an international tourism consumption center, and a national major strategic service guarantee zone,Create a vivid example of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era,Let Hainan become a beautiful business card showing Chinese style, Chinese style and Chinese image。
  First, Hainan should adhere to opening up first, implement a more proactive opening up strategy, accelerate the establishment of a new system of open economy, and promote the formation of a new pattern of all-round opening up。Economic globalization is the objective requirement of the development of social productive forces and the inevitable result of scientific and technological progress。Economic globalization has provided a strong driving force for world economic growth and promoted the flow of goods and capital, the progress of science and technology and civilization, and exchanges between peoples. It serves the common interests of all countries。At present, the world economy still faces many complex challenges, with a lack of new growth drivers and increasing divergence in growth。It runs counter to the historical trend to simply blame economic globalization for the problems afflicting the world, engage in trade and investment protectionism, and artificially return the world economy to the old era of isolation。The right choice is to make full use of all opportunities and cooperate to meet all challenges。
  In my report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, I stressed that China will not close its door to the outside world, but will only open even wider。This is our solemn commitment to the world。We must adhere to the basic state policy of opening up,We will pursue a win-win strategy of opening-up,Observe and safeguard the world trade rules system,We should make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all,Make economic globalization more dynamic, inclusive and sustainable,Let different countries, different social strata and different people share the benefits of economic globalization。
  Here, I solemnly announce that the CPC Central Committee has decided to support the development of a pilot free trade zone on the whole island of Hainan, support Hainan in gradually exploring and steadily advancing the development of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, and establish a free trade port policy and system step by step and in stages。This is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee with an eye to the overall situation of international and domestic development, in-depth research, overall consideration, and scientific planning, and is a major measure demonstrating China's determination to open wider to the outside world and actively promote economic globalization。
  To build a pilot free trade zone on the whole island of Hainan, we need to focus on institutional innovation, grant greater autonomy in reform, support Hainan in making bold attempts and independent reforms, and accelerate the formation of a law-based, international and convenient business environment and a fair, open, unified and efficient market environment。We need to make greater efforts to transform government functions, deepen reforms to streamline administration, delegate power, improve regulation, and provide better services, and comprehensively enhance government governance capacity。We will implement policies to liberalize and facilitate trade and investment at a high level,The management system of pre-establishment national treatment plus negative list will be fully implemented for foreign investment,Focus on seed industry, medical care, education, sports, telecommunications, Internet, culture, maintenance, finance, shipping and other key areas,We will further open up modern agriculture, high-tech industries, and modern service industries,We will accelerate the development of trade in services,Protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors,Promote the gradual opening up of shipping。
  Free trade port is the highest level of openness in the world today。The construction of a free trade port in Hainan should reflect Chinese characteristics, conform to China's national conditions, conform to Hainan's development orientation, and learn from the advanced operation and management methods of international free trade ports。We welcome investors from all over the world to invest and do business in Hainan, actively participate in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, and share China's development opportunities and achievements of China's reform。
  The development of Hainan should not focus on transit trade and processing and manufacturing, but should be led by the development of tourism, modern service industries and high-tech industries, and pay more attention to fully stimulating development vitality and creativity through all-round human development。We will explore more flexible policy systems, regulatory models, and management systems in the areas of domestic and foreign trade, investment and financing, fiscal and taxation, financial innovation, and entry and exit, strengthen the development of risk prevention and control systems, and create new heights of opening-up with a higher level of openness, a better business environment, and a stronger radiation effect。
  Hainan should take advantage of the opportunity of building a free trade port,We will strengthen practical cooperation with countries and regions along the Belt and Road at various levels and in various fields,We will build platforms for cultural, educational, agricultural and tourism exchanges along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road,We will take more solid steps to build an important strategic fulcrum of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road。
  Second, Hainan should stand at a higher starting point to plan and promote reform, make great efforts to eliminate institutional shortcomings, and constantly liberate and develop social productive forces。At present, reform has reached a new historical juncture, and the complexity, sensitivity and difficulty of carrying out reform are no less than 40 years ago。There is no way out if you stick to the old ways。The process of reform and opening up is the process of ideological liberation。Without the great emancipation of the mind, there will be no great breakthrough in reform。Emancipating the mind is not a whimsical departure from the national conditions, nor is it a subjective imagination built behind closed doors, nor is it reckless and reckless without any rules。The purpose of emancipating the mind is to better seek truth from facts。It is necessary to adhere to the organic unity of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, proceed from the national conditions and reality, sum up successful domestic practices and learn from foreign useful experience, boldly explore and down-to-earth, dare to venture, bold practice, create more experiences that can be replicated and promoted, and drive the pace of national reform。We must adhere to the problem-oriented approach, start with the things that the people are concerned about, start with the areas that the people are not satisfied with, dare to contend with the truth, have the courage to solve problems and overcome difficulties, and crack down on some hard bones in eliminating institutional shortcomings and adjusting the deep-seated interests。We need to strengthen systematic integration of reform measures,Allocate resources in all areas in a scientific way,We will accelerate reforms in the institutional mechanisms for integrated urban and rural development, the personnel system, the fiscal, tax and financial systems, the income distribution system, and state-owned enterprises,We will support Hainan in establishing international trading venues for energy, shipping, bulk commodities, property rights, equity and carbon emission rights,Form a more mature and stereotyped institutional system。
  Deepening the reform of Party and state institutions is an important task at present。Hainan should deeply implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee,In accordance with the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee,We will deepen reform of local party and government institutions,Scientific allocation of administrative resources,Transform government functions,Further streamline administration and delegate power,Reform and improve the administrative system in light of its own reality,We will explore new ways to modernize the country's governance system and capacity。
  Third, Hainan should resolutely implement the new development concept, build a modern economic system, and take the lead in promoting high-quality economic development in the country。China's economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development, which is a major judgment of the Party Central Committee on the characteristics of China's economic development in the new era。Development is the top priority, innovation is the primary driving force, and is the strategic support for building a modern economic system。Hainan should deepen supply-side structural reform, give full play to its advantages, gather elements of innovation, actively develop a new generation of information technology industry and digital economy, promote the deep integration of the Internet, Internet of things, big data, satellite navigation and artificial intelligence with the real economy, and improve the overall competitiveness of Hainan。It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the National Southern Propagation Research and Breeding Base (Hainan), build a national tropical agricultural science center, and support Hainan in building a global transfer base for the introduction of plant and animal germplasm resources。The state supports Hainan in building a number of major scientific research infrastructure and condition platforms, building a major science and technology innovation base in the space sector and the Southern Center of the National deep-sea Base, and building a strategic highland for space science and technology innovation。It is necessary to innovate the science and technology management system, establish a science and technology innovation management system that conforms to the law of scientific research and an international science and technology cooperation mechanism, and set up Hainan international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship Demonstration zone。
  Modern service industry is the trend of industrial development, in line with the actual development of Hainan, Hainan should play an exemplary and leading role in this respect。We need to raise our standards in line with international standards, redouble efforts to improve the economic structure, give priority to the development of modern service industries such as tourism, the Internet, medical and health care, finance, and exhibitions, accelerate the innovative development of trade in services, promote the optimization and upgrading of the service sector, and form an industrial structure dominated by a service-oriented economy。
  The international tourism island is an important business card of Hainan。Promoting the construction of Hainan into an international tourism consumption center with world influence is the concrete embodiment of high-quality development requirements in Hainan。It is necessary to implement a number of major infrastructure projects, improve the level of infrastructure networking and intelligence, encrypt international routes from Hainan to major global tourist sources, and accelerate the construction of a modern infrastructure system。It is necessary to implement a more open and convenient duty-free shopping policy on outlying islands, achieve full coverage of tourists on outlying islands, and increase the duty-free shopping limit。It is necessary to support Hainan to actively introduce high-quality international capital and intellectual resources, and adopt advanced international concepts to protect and develop tourism resources。Qualified Chinese-foreign joint venture travel agencies registered in Hainan should be allowed to engage in outbound tourism business outside Taiwan。It is necessary to cultivate new forms and hot spots of tourism consumption, improve service capabilities and levels, promote the development of all-regional tourism, provide more quality services for domestic and foreign tourists and local people, and make Hainan an international tourism island brighter and more colorful。
  Hainan is the only tropical province in our country。It is necessary to implement the strategy of rural revitalization, give full play to the climate advantages of tropical areas, strengthen and improve efficient agriculture with tropical characteristics, build a national tropical modern agricultural base, and further build the brand of tropical agricultural products in Hainan。It is necessary to develop rural tourism and create boutique towns that embody tropical customs。
  China is a maritime power, and the Party Central Committee has made major plans to build a maritime power。Hainan is a major maritime province. We should firmly follow the path of development featuring harmony and win-win cooperation, improve our ability to develop Marine resources, accelerate the cultivation of emerging Marine industries, support Hainan in building modern Marine ranches, and strive to transform the Marine economy into a quality and efficiency model。It is necessary to develop Marine science and technology, strengthen deep-sea science and technology research, promote the construction of "smart ocean", and make Hainan a strong Marine province。It is necessary to build a national demonstration zone for military-civilian integration and innovation, coordinate Marine development and maritime rights protection, promote joint military and local consultation, joint development of science and technology, joint construction of facilities, and joint logistics protection, accelerate the construction of a service support base for resource development in the South China Sea and a maritime rescue base, and resolutely defend the southern gate of the country。
  Fourth, Hainan should firmly establish and fully implement the concept that clear waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains, take the first step in the reform of the ecological civilization system, and set an example for the national ecological civilization construction。The construction of ecological civilization bears on the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and the realization of the "two centenary goals"。Protecting the ecological environment means protecting the productive forces, and improving the ecological environment means developing the productive forces。Hainan's green mountains, clear waters, blue seas and blue skies have been praised by literati since ancient times。Su Dongpo's "not like the end of the world, rolling up Yang flowers like snowflakes";Qiu Jun's "five peaks such as referring to green connected, propping up half the wall of the sky.。Night, the galaxy to pick stars, to explore the blue clouds and smoke ";Yang Weizhen's "singing and dancing in green clothes without moving dust, and sea fairies riding fish waves curling up" all depict the moving scene of Hainan like a fairyland。Hainan's ecological environment is a precious treasure bestowed by nature, which must be cherished and carefully cared for to make Hainan truly a four-season garden of the Chinese nation。
  The CPC Central Committee decided to support Hainan in building a national ecological civilization pilot zone and encourage the province to take a path of harmonious development between man and nature and explore experience for ecological civilization construction across the country。It is necessary to implement the strictest ecological environmental protection system, build an efficient and unified planning and management system, and take the lead in establishing a modern ecological environment and resource protection supervision system。We should actively carry out trials of a national park system, build tropical rainforests and other national parks, and establish a system of protected natural areas with clear ownership, clear powers and responsibilities, and effective supervision。It is necessary to improve the assessment and evaluation system oriented to green development, and establish a sound ecological protection compensation mechanism in various forms and performance。We should strictly protect the Marine ecological environment and establish a sound regional linkage mechanism for ecosystem protection and restoration and pollution prevention on land and at sea。
  Fifth, Hainan should adhere to the concept of people-centered development, constantly meet the people's growing needs for a better life, and let the fruits of reform and development benefit the people in a fairer way。Every breakthrough and deepening in the understanding and practice of reform and opening up, the emergence and development of every new thing in reform and opening up, the creation and accumulation of experience in every field and link of reform and opening up, all come from the wisdom and practice of hundreds of millions of people。No reform can succeed without the support and participation of the people。Only when the will of the people is fully respected and a broad consensus is reached can the people actively support and participate in reform。We must uphold the principal position of the people, give full play to the initiative of the people, and closely rely on the people to promote reform and opening up。We must continue to identify systemic and institutional shortcomings behind the recurring problems that are of widespread concern to the people, have strong responses, and identify key points and breakthroughs for deepening reform。We must always put the people's interests above all else,We will accelerate the reform of institutions and mechanisms related to people's livelihood,Do your best and do your best,We worked hard to ensure and improve people's wellbeing,We will continue to improve the public service system,We will continue to promote social equity and justice,We will promote the extension of public resources to the grassroots, rural coverage, and disadvantaged groups,We will work hard to address the practical interests of the people。
  Career because of talent and talent because of career together。"Talents, the more they seek, the more they want.。Hainan's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up is a major strategy of the country, and we must mobilize the strength of the whole country and gather talents from all four sides。In the early days of the establishment of Hainan provincial special economic Zone, there was a feat of "100,000 people across the strait"。To attract, retain and make good use of talents, the best environment is a good system and mechanism。We will support Hainan University in building world-class disciplines,Well-known domestic universities and research institutions are encouraged to set up branches in Hainan,We will encourage Hainan to introduce high-quality education resources from overseas,Holding high-level Chinese-foreign cooperative educational institutions and projects,We will support Hainan in piloting the reform of international talent management,Foreign nationals and skilled personnel from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are allowed to work and reside permanently in Hainan in accordance with regulations。Outstanding foreign students with master's degrees or above in Chinese institutions of higher learning will be allowed to find jobs and start businesses in Hainan, expanding the number of international students in Hainan universities。We will support Hainan in exploring ways to establish a management system to attract foreign high-tech talents。Hainan should continue to attract talents from all over the world,Breakthroughs have been made in deepening the reform of the system and mechanism for talent development,We will implement a more active, open and effective talent policy,Innovative personnel training support mechanisms,Build a more open talent recruitment mechanism,Comprehensively improve the level of personnel services,Let all kinds of talents make full use of their talents and display their talents in Hainan。
  Sixth, Hainan should adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the Party to ensure the correct direction of comprehensively deepening reform and opening up。Upholding the leadership of the Party and comprehensively and strictly governing the Party are the key and fundamental to the success of reform and opening up。Special economic zones are at the forefront of reform and opening up and have higher requirements for comprehensively strengthening the Party's leadership and party building。Party members and officials must firmly uphold the authority of the CPC Central Committee and its centralized and unified leadership,Consciously maintain a high degree of consistency in thought, politics and action with the Central Committee of the Party,Consciously stand in the overall situation of the Party and the country to think and do things,In the practice of "four consciousness" and "four self-confidence" brave to be a pioneer,Set a good example in speaking politics, taking into account the overall situation and abiding by the rules。We should equip our minds with the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, help Party members and officials strengthen their ideals and convictions, update their knowledge and concepts, and master their skills to better meet the needs of new situations and tasks。It is necessary to strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations and turn every grass-roots Party organization into a strong fighting fortress。It is necessary to carry out Party building in the spirit of reform and innovation, continue to improve the conduct of the party and discipline, deepen the fight against corruption, educate and guide the majority of Party members and officials to consciously resist the erosion of harmful practices on the life of the Party, and create a good political environment with clean and upright atmosphere。
  Relevant departments of the central government and the state should proceed from the overall height, work with Hainan Province to make top-level design, adhere to the principle of thinking first and acting later, actively study and formulate support measures, and jointly promote the implementation of various policies。
  Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades,
  History does not favor the conformist, satisfied with the status quo, opportunity belongs to the courage to innovate, never complacent。All great achievements are the result of continuous efforts, and all great causes need to be carried forward in the course of building on past achievements。Successive builders of special economic zones have written brilliant chapters with their wisdom, courage and sweat。今天,The broad masses of officials and people in Hainan remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind,The spiritual realm of "success does not have to be in me" and the historical responsibility of "success must have me",Historical patience,Promote the spirit of hammering nails,A blueprint to the end,One job after another,In the realization of the "two centenary goals" and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on a new journey to create new achievements worthy of The Times!