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The Party branch of Hainan Wantai Company jointly with the party branch of Changan Pharmaceutical Project to carry out Party day learning activities in the front line of the project

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To enhance the level of party building work at the grassroots level of the company,Encourage and guide Party members to set an example based on their positions,We will continue to make new contributions to the development of free trade ports,The Party branch of Hainan Wantai Company organized party members to go deep into the construction site of the new factory of Changan Pharmaceutical Meian Science and Technology New City, a project under construction, on the morning of September 9, 2020,Together with the Party branch of Chang 'an Pharmaceutical Project, we jointly carried out a special Party Day learning activity,It mainly focuses on learning the overall plan of Hainan free trade Port construction,We exchanged and shared our learning experience based on our actual situation,We all feel that the free trade port construction has brought dividends to the development of enterprises,It has brought benefits to the people,As a member of the Communist Party of the enterprise should be a good builder of the free trade port,We should also lead by example,To promote the construction of free trade ports。Meng Chen, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Wantai Company, Zhang Lei, secretary of the party branch of Changan Pharmaceutical Project, and project party members and party activists participated in the activity。

At the study meeting, Zhang Haojie, a party member, led the participants to read some chapters of the Overall Plan for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port。Then, Secretary Zhang Lei, in combination with her personal experience, talked about the great opening and development era ushered in by the development dividend of Hainan Free Trade Port construction。She said...,In recent years, Hainan has deepened the level of reform and opening-up in the field of education,To build China's education reform test platform and opening window,The central government has given Hainan many preferential policies,A number of high-level domestic and foreign colleges and universities have been built and put into use on the island,Directly attract domestic and foreign people and capital flows to gather in Hainan,It has promoted the improvement of educational services,The gathering of high-quality international talents,And the spread of expertise,It also saves enough human and intellectual support for industrial development。

Deputy Secretary Meng Chen led everyone to learn and understand the "overall requirements" in the "Overall Plan for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port"。并要求大家要用脑用心用情领会习近平总书记关于海南一系列重要讲话,Carry forward the special zone spirit of daring to try, daring to be the first, and working hard,Continue to consolidate the educational achievements of the theme of "Never forget the original intention, remember the mission",Show the enterprising spirit of Hainan Party members in the new era,Participate in project construction with practical actions,Ensure project delivery on time with quality and quantity,We will accelerate the development of free trade ports。

Wantai Party branch also carried out work exchanges with the project party branch, and we reached consensus on the next step of party building work to implement information exchange, experience sharing and joint activities。At the end of the meeting, in order to meet the actual needs of theoretical learning of grassroots party organizations, the Party branch of Wantai presented the Party branch of Chang 'an Pharmaceutical Project with 100 questions about the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and manuals and other books about the mission。

Through this study meeting, the project site quickly set off a wave of learning Hainan free trade port policy, further give play to the bastion of grassroots party organizations and the vanguard role of party members, promote party members and employees to apply the knowledge learned to practical work, and accelerate the construction of free trade port。